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How can I get a teen into a Street Survival school?
07-03-2014, 09:45 AM
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How can I get a teen into a Street Survival school?
There is only one way to sign up for a school: at the national Tire Rack Street Survival web site: http://streetsurvival.org/. Click on the Registration / School Schedule link and see what is there.

As one of the clubs that supplies instructors for the schools, we often get advance notice of coming schools, and will post the information on the RTR web site. For example, we just added a school on October 5, 2014, at Coca Cola Park in Allentown. That school has just been added to the TRSS web site and links to THIS PAGE for student registration. Schools in our area fill fast, so don't delay in signing up your teen driver.

RTR is working on securing a suitable venue to provide more schools in our area. Let us know if you can help!

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